Each person's unique career situation requires a customized bespoke approach to your career coaching. I will deliver a personalized plan where goals will be jointly defined, progress will be managed and feedback on progressive milestones will be provided to focus on continuous improvement.

I offer coaching services, with a focus on career transition, designed to help you achieve your next step career goals. 

My area of specialty is within the corporate Information Communications and Technology (ICT) sector.

I have successfully mentored a number of individuals in the past 10 years by listening, providing support and offering timely feedback to help guide their careers.

Whether you're looking for a lateral move or a jump to a different industry I can help you accelerate your journey. The services are available a-la-carte so you can tailor the offerings to precisely what you need.


Programatic execution

Ensuring the plan you make is realized



Exploring and planning your career path

targeted feedback for improvement

Actions you can take to best capture your goal

What I Do


​​Coach Joseph Luk

You will be provided with insightful approaches to your career search, a plan where you can easily apply to reach your next step goals, actionable feedback from me and my extensive business network to offer different perspectives as you achieve your milestones.


My Value To You

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